HI- NYC Green Practices

Hostelling International – New York City’s Sustainability Efforts

  • 100% of Energy Consumed Offset by Renewable Energy Credits
  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager Benchmarked
  • EcoRooms and EcoSuites Certified
  • EcoWall Installed to Improve Air Quality
  • Comprehensive Waste Management and Recycling Practices
  • LED and Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Energy Patrol Energy Management System


Other Sustainability Practices:

  • Energy Star equipment in use and Energy Star Certified
  • Recycle of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum
  • First Stream Recycling in all areas of the hostel.
  • Recycle of used print cartridges back to manufacturer
  • Lighting/computers/equipment in all area turned off when not in use
  • Use of Post Consumer Content for office supplies
  • Colored copy/printing paper is minimum 30% Post Consumer Content
  • White copy/printing paper is minimum 30% Post Consumer Content
  • Copy and printing paper is FSC Certified and set to a double-sided copy default
  • Use of email instead of paper for communication and documentation
  • All administrative areas have a paper recycling program
  • All public areas of the hostel participate in the Single Stream Recycling program
  • Recycling program for light bulb ballasts, light bulbs and batteries is in place
  • Bed linens changed upon request to aid in water and energy conservation efforts
  • Towels replaced upon guest request allowing guests the option of re-using existing towels
  • All detergent products meet or exceed EPA GS-37 Industrial Cleaner guidelines
  • 1.6 gallon per flush toilets installed in all rooms and guest areas
  • Low flow faucet aerators installed throughout the building and in all guest rooms.
  • Pest control company held to use of IPM integrated products on property
  • Replacement of all furniture, fixtures and equipment are supplied to Green organizations with sustainability and reuse efforts in mind.


Some Recycling Results:

  • Waste Pick up has been reduced by 32.78 Annual MSW tons over prior year from landfill
  • Recycling pick up has been reduced by 12.22 annual recycling tons this year over prior year.
  • Organics pickup has been reduced by 21.80 annual Organics tons this year over prior year.


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